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Navigating Complex Challenges With FMW’s Expertise in Material Handling Solutions

In an era where safety, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are paramount, businesses face the daunting task of improving their material handling processes. For over six decades, FMW has been at the forefront of providing smart, modern solutions for these complex challenges. Our comprehensive services, which include consulting, research and development, design and engineering, production and quality control, installation and assembly, and aftermarket and maintenance, are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Expertise from the initial pre-projectphase

At FMW, we believe that every successful project begins with a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. Our team of experts help you to identify your specific challenges, and propose solutions that optimize your material handling processes. We collaborate closely with our clients, offering insights drawn from our extensive industry experience and technical expertise.

FMW Meeting Situiation, Start your Career ©David_Schreiber
FMW Blended-Bed-Stacker/Reclaimer for automatically storing and reclaiming wood chips on a wood yard

Research and Development

Innovation is at the heart of our services. Our commitment to innovation is evident in ongoing standardization and product development efforts, offering consistently attractive and cost-efficient solutions for production processes. With a dedicated research and development team, FMW not only meets current industry standards but also anticipates future trends and challenges, ensuring our position at the forefront of material handling technologies.

FMW Meeting Situiation, Start your Career ©David_Schreiber
FMW Engineer Team at a short coffe break in the Austrian Office ©David_Schreiber

Design and Engineering

Should your goal be a greenfield mill or the optimize and modernization of an existing plant FMW is your competent partner. Working closely with your specialists we prepare an individual concept for your project. Project aspects such as longterm target planning, location planning, extension of operating plants, automation, and optimization of operational sequences are all considered. Our design and engineering team is renowned for its ability to create custom-made, energy-efficient, and safety-oriented solutions. We pay special attention to the subsequent process, ensuring that our designs seamlessly integrate with your existing operations.


FMW Young Egineers Team ©David_Schreiber
FMW Meeting Situiation, Start your Career ©David_Schreiber

Production and Quality Control

Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of FMW’s products. Our in-house screw production, assembly and quality control processes ensure that every piece of equipment we deliver meets the highest standards of performance and durability. Our global network allows us to offer the same high quality standards all over the world. From the very first contact on our clients receive the same standard of professional services, reliable products and solutions. Thanks to our uncomprimising system of quality management, which has certification according to ISO 9001, we are able to build long-lasting and trusted global partnerships.

FMW In-House Screw Production ©David_Schreiber
FMW In-House Assembly ©David_Schreiber

Installation and Assembly

Erection and supervision of our plants is realized by our experienced team of highly professional, qualified, and flexible employees. Our installation services ensure ontime startup of plants and systems that meet contractual requirements and customer expectations.


FMW In-House Assembly, After Sales and Services, Maintenance ©David_Schreiber
FMW In-House Assembly, After Sales and Services, Maintenance ©David_Schreiber

Aftermarket and Maintenance

FMW’s commitment to our clients extends beyond the delivery of our products. Our aftermarket and maintenance services are designed to provide ongoing support, ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of your material handling equipment. We offer extensive, custom-made service supports, reflecting our dedication to your long-term success.

FMW In-House Assembly, After Sales and Services, Maintenance ©David_Schreiber
FMW In-House Screw Production ©David_Schreiber

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In an industry where safety and energy efficiency are increasingly important, FMW stands as a reliable partner, offering proven solutions backed by decades of experience. We invite you to contact us today to start planning your customized material handling solution.