FMW Sludge Handling Solutions


Streamlined Sludge Handling Management

In the dynamic world of biomass, sustainable energy generation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. The biomass industry plays a pivotal role in harnessing renewable energy from organic sources like wood, agricultural waste, and various other materials. At the heart of this industry lies a critical process: the efficient handling and storage of sludge.

Optimizing your Storage Solution

In the realm of biomass, the proper storage of sludge is key to maintaining operational excellence. Efficient sludge handling not only ensures the smooth functioning of biomass plants but also contributes to environmental stewardship.

We offer a suite of solutions designed to enhance each step of the sludge storage process. Once the biomass materials are received, they need to be prepared to meet the required specifications for further processing.

Round-Silo Storage

Ensure the secure containment and easy access to sludge materials with our round-silo storage solutions. These robust structures are built to withstand the demands of the biomass industry, ensuring your sludge is safely preserved until further processing.

FMW Round-Silo discharge system with two round silos for storing wood chips
FMW Round-Silo discharge system with a round silo discharge screw from FMW in-hous screw production

Linear Discharge System

Our travelling screw technology streamlines the movement of sludge, optimizing the discharge process from the A-Frame. This innovative solution is designed for efficiency and reliability, reducing waste and increasing productivity in biomass operations.

FMW A-Frame Storage for storing wood chips with the discharge screw from FMW In-House-Screw-Production in the center
FMW A Frame Storage showing the mounted travelling discharge screw from FMW In-House-Screw-Production

Take the next step

Improve your biomass operation with our advanced sludge storage solutions. We are committed to making your biomass sludge handling more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Join us in shaping the future of the biomass industry.

Explore our products, learn about the processes, and see how we can elevate your biomass sludge storage.

Turning Challenges into Triumphs

FMW is dedicated to providing flexible, tailor-made solutions that best meet your needs. We stand for innovation, know how, flexibility and quality. We take pride in being your trusted partner, supporting you from the initial pre-project phase through seamless on-site commissioning and After Sales & Services. We are your Engineers of progress.