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Protect Your Biomass Processing Plant from Costly Contaminants

In today’s increasingly competitive bioenergy market, maintaining the quality and purity of raw biomass materials is critical for efficient and profitable operations. Did you know that bioenergy represents 55% of renewable energy and contributes to over 6% of global energy supply? With a further promising industry outlook, it’s essential to ensure your facility is equipped with the right solutions to tackle the challenges of raw material contamination.

Introducing the FMW Stone Trap as a reliable and efficient solution

This solution is designed to address the common problem of foreign objects, such as stones, nails, or metal pieces, present in raw biomass materials. These contaminants can cause significant damage to downstream processing equipment, leading to increased maintenance costs, reduced efficiency, and potential downtime. By effectively removing these unwanted materials, our Stone Trap safeguards your valuable equipment and ensures the quality and purity of your biomass material.

FMWs Stone Trap as an ideal solution for protecting plants from costly damages

Seamless integration of foreign object detection and expulsion, ensuring uninterrupted material flow and product quality.

FMW Biomass Disc Screen

Key Features of the FMW Stone Trap

  • Contaminant Removal: Effectively removes stones, metal, and foreign objects from raw biomass materials, protecting downstream processing equipment from damage.
  • Customizable Screen Size: Accommodates different biomass materials and contamination levels with screens or grates of various opening sizes.
  • Reliable Operation: Designed for continuous and dependable performance, maintaining a consistent production flow.
  • Low Maintenance: Simple design with minimal moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance requirements.


  • Robust Housing with Dust-Tight Interfaces
  • Swivel-Mounted Flap Mechanism for Precise Control
  • Wear-Resistant Lining Options for Customization
  • Quick and Responsive Foreign Object Detection (with optional add-on)

How it works:

The device is equipped with a housing that incorporates two outlets, allowing for controlled material distribution through the use of a swivel-mounted flap mechanism. This design ensures accurate and precise allocation of materials. The interior of the housing is engineered to maintain dust-tight operation, reducing the risk of contamination and enhancing safety. Furthermore, the option to customize the device with wear-resistant lining enhances its durability and lifespan. An optional feature is available for rapid and efficient detection and expulsion of undesirable foreign objects, enhancing operational efficiency and product quality. Overall, this device is an excellent choice for optimizing your material handling processes, offering reliability and adaptability to meet your specific needs.



FMW Biomass Round Silo Storage

Why Choose the FMW Stone Trap?


Select the FMW Stone Trap when you need a reliable, low-maintenance solution that keeps your material flow uninterrupted. It’s the ideal choice for industries requiring consistent, trouble-free material handling.


To optimize your biomass processing plant’s operations and protect it from costly contaminants, consider implementing FMW’s Stone Trap. Our experts can provide a customized solution tailored to your facility’s needs, ensuring that your plant operates at peak efficiency.

To learn more about the FMW Stone Trap and how it can benefit your operation, contact our team of experts today.

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FMW Biomass Disc Screen
FMW Round Silo Biomass Storage
FMW Biomass Round Silo Storage

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