FMW Biomass Storage Solution – A-Frame Storage


Optimizing Biomass Storage and Discharge: Efficiently Manage and Control Biomass Material Flow

The bioenergy industry is experiencing rapid growth, with the global market expected to reach $217.8 billion by 2030. This expansion is driven by the increasing demand for renewable energy sources and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, one common challenge faced by operations management in the bioenergy sector is the inefficient discharge of biomass materials from storage silos, bins, or hoppers, leading to uneven distribution, blockages, and downtime.  One of the mostly used solutions? FMW’s A-Frame Storage, Round-Silo Storage and also the Stacker/Reclaimer System.

Introducing the A-Frame Storage

The A-Frame Storage is a linear storage solution with a discharge screw. The Screw is designed for the controlled discharge of bulk materials, such as biomass, from storage vessels. It operates on the principle of utilizing a helical screw or auger to extract biomass material from the storage container, ensuring a controlled and continuous material flow. This customizable solution offers precise discharge, reduced material compaction, and a design tailored to accommodate various biomass materials and storage vessel sizes.

FMW A-Frame Storage for storing wood chips with the discharge screw from FMW In-House-Screw-Production in the center

In-House Screw Production guarantees FMWs quality, reliability and fast maintenance service.

FMW A-Frame Storage for storing wood chips with the discharge screw from FMW In-House-Screw-Production in the center

Key Features of a A-Frame Storage

  • Precise Discharge: This system offers precise control over the rate and quantity of material discharge, facilitating efficient downstream processing.
  • Reduced Material Compaction: The design minimizes material compaction during the discharge process, helping to maintain the quality of the biomass material.
  • Customizable Design: The System can be customized to accommodate various biomass materials, as well as different storage vessel sizes and discharge rates.

How it works:

The A-Frame Storage system works by stacking wood chips linear, optimizing the storage capacity with a limited pile height. The discharge capacity can be adjusted according to your needs, ensuring a consistent flow of material for your processes.


Round Silo Storage for Biomass in a plant

Why Choose the A-Frame Storage?

This Storage System is the ideal solution for operations management looking to optimize their biomass handling process. By ensuring precise and controlled material discharge, this system reduces downtime, improves productivity, and contributes to a more efficient overall process. Additionally, the customizable design allows for seamless integration with a wide range of biomass materials and storage vessels.


FMW’s A-Frame Storage is one possible solution to overcoming the challenges of inefficient material discharge in the bioenergy industry. By incorporating this customizable solution into your operations, you can benefit from precise discharge, reduced material compaction, and a smooth and efficient biomass handling process. Experience the difference in quality, innovation, and flexibility that FMW offers, and optimize your biomass storage and discharge today. Contact us to learn more about how the this storage can improve your operations.

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The quality of the raw materials used directly impacts the final product quality. Wood chips, the primary raw material, need to be uniform in size and free from impurities to ensure a smooth and efficient production process. FMW Industries’ screening solutions provides a technology that effectively separates oversized chips and fines, leaving only high-quality material for further processing.

FMW Biomass Handling Silo
FMW Round Silo Biomass Storage
FMW Round Silo Biomass Storage

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