FMW Biomass Storing Solution – Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer


Introducing the FMW Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer System – DAX-REX

In today’s fast-paced world, the biomass industry is experiencing substantial change. This change can be attributed to factors such as rising e-commerce, sustainable packaging requirements, and the constant need for innovation. The mills are under pressure to improve efficiency, meet deadlines, and manage costs effectively.

The best place to introduce process efficiency is at the beginning, in the woodyard. The Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer is an innovative and proven system, that provides efficient wood chip storage with high reliability, maintaining quality, and availability. With over 70 global references since 2001, FMW ensures high-quality Austrian engineering and reliability.

FMW’s Stacker/Reclaimer: A Fully Automated Solution for Wood Chip Storage

The FMW Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer System for Biomass Handling is an advanced solution that offers numerous benefits. It provides high storage capacities, making it suitable for large-scale biomass processing facilities. The system operates on an automated first-in first-out basis, ensuring improved chip quality and homogenization.

Designed with a simple, heavy-duty structure, this system guarantees durability and reliability, reducing maintenance costs. It also features remote monitoring and reclaimer control for easy management. The system ensures 100% active storage volume, eliminating wastage of space. Additionally, it requires less concrete work compared to other systems, leading to further cost savings.

FMW Blended-Bed-Stacker/Reclaimer for automatically storing and reclaiming wood chips on a wood yard

FMW Industries has over 70 Stacker/Reclaimer References globally since 2001.

exemplary presentation of the blended bed of a wood chip pile

Unique benefits of blended bed stacking & reclaiming

  • Automatic “first-in first-out“ operation (no dead areas)
  • Improved Chip Quality
  • Perfect homogenization and blending of chips
  • Low energy and maintenance costs
  • Simple and heavy duty design
  • Remote monitoring and remote reclaimer control
  • Safety first: Reduces manual handling and operator exposure to potential hazards

How it works

The FMW Blended-Bed DAX/REX system is a sophisticated material handling solution designed for efficient stacking, blending, and reclaiming of wood chips. This system combines the capabilities of two individual machines, the Stacker (DAX) and the Reclaimer (REX) in a single unit.


The wood chips are transported, via conveyor, to the Stacker (DAX). The stacker rotates 360 degress in a circular fashion to create a chip pile. 

For more information about storing capacities, please contact our team of experts.


The reclaiming of chips is carried out on a first-in first-out basis by automatically rotating 360 degress.

The rotating reclaimer is supported by the center column, and on the outer circumference by large rubber tires moving on a concrete ring. The heart of the machine is the rake which sweeps the wood chips to achieve a constant homogenized flow at the reclaiming screw, which is located along the reclaimer boom.

The specially designed reclaimer screw gently transports the wood chip to the central hopper, which is located beneath the central column in the reclaim vault.

A stacker reclaimer system in action, stacking and reclaiming bulk materials

Low Maintenance Design

The Stacker is fixed in a horizontal position, eliminating the need for hydraulic systems or rope winches. The Reclaimer uses a central support assembly that eliminates the need for a slewing ring bearing, and the Reclaim Screw, is based on a heavy-duty design.


A stacker reclaimer system in action, stacking and reclaiming bulk materials

Why to choose a Stacker/Reclaimer System?


  • 100 % Active storage volume
  • 100 % First-In / First-Out Operation
  • Improved Chip Quality
  • Efficient & Economical Operation
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Economical Total Investment


In conclusion, the FMW Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer System for Biomass Handling is a robust, efficient, and cost-effective solution for storing, blending, and reclaiming biomass materials. With its unique features and proven reliability, it provides an unparalleled solution for biomass handling, contributing to the growth and efficiency of the bioenergy industry. To learn more about FMW’s Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer System and how it can enhance your biomass handling process, contact FMW to discuss your requirements.

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