FMW Non Wood Processing Solution – Drain Cleaner


Streamlining Non-Wood Fiber Preparation with the Bagasse Drain Cleaner

With the increased demand for corrugated paper products and packaging-grade paper, it is crucial for operations management to optimize their processes and maintain high throughput. One solution to this challenge lies in effectively managing the moisture content and cleanliness of bagasse, a crucial raw material in non-wood fiber preparation. Introducing the Bagasse Drain Cleaner, designed to efficiently dewater and rinse bagasse, ensuring the material is suitable for further processing and maintaining high throughput.

FMWs Drain Cleaner consistently delivers high-quality bagasse with optimal moisture, enhancing overall efficiency and competitiveness.

Key Features of FMWs Drain Cleaner

  • Inclined screw conveyor for dewatering bagasse.
  • Adjustable drainage section length.
  • Interchangeable screen baskets for easy maintenance.
  • Final rinse of straw fibers with clean water.
  • Efficient process for high throughput.

How it works:

Functionally, the Bagasse Drain Cleaner operates by conveying bagasse out of the water and dehydrating it on the drainage path through perforated plates. If the bagasse remains too wet after this stage, the drainage section can be extended. In the middle section of the screw, there is a row of nozzles for a final rinse of the straw fibers with clean water. After passing through the screw, the mixture reaches a dry content.

When to choos FMWs Drain Cleaner

Choose the Bagasse Drain Cleaner when you need an efficient and reliable solution for dewatering and rinsing bagasse. This product is perfect for operations management in the pulp and paper industry, as well as bioenergy, recycling, and chipboard industries. With its advanced features and FMW’s commitment to innovation, flexibility, and quality, the Bagasse Drain Cleaner is the ideal solution to optimize your non-wood fiber preparation processes.


In conclusion, the Bagasse Drain Cleaner is a game-changer for operations management in the non-wood fiber preparation industry. Its efficient dewatering and final rinsing of bagasse ensure a consistent, high-quality material suitable for further processing, ultimately contributing to improved efficiency and productivity. Stay ahead by choosing the Bagasse Drain Cleaner for your non-wood fiber preparation needs.

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