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Optimize Your Bagasse Handling with FMW’s Bagasse Storage Bin

The global industrial landscape is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainable solutions. In this context, bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing, has emerged as a valuable resource for various industries, including pulp and paper production and biomass energy generation. However, managing this fibrous material efficiently is a challenge that some industries grapple with. This is where FMW’s Bagasse Storage Bin (Type BSS) comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution for the storage and reclaiming of bagasse.

Tackling the Bagasse Handling Challenge

Bagasse, a fibrous residue from sugarcane processing, poses unique challenges in storage and handling due to its high moisture content and the need for a continuous flow of material. FMW’s Bagasse Storage Bin addresses these challenges by providing simultaneous storage and reclaiming, ensuring a first-in-first-out storage concept and continuous flow rate control.

FMW Industries Wet Cleaning_BSS_Bagasse Stroage Bin

„Reliable and efficient solution in the wet cleaning process“

FMW Industries Wet Cleaning_BSS_Bagasse Stroage Bin

Benefits of FMW’s Bagasse Storage Bin

  • Efficient Management: The first-in-first-out storage principle guarantees that older bagasse is utilized before newer material, reducing waste and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Remote Control: The remote-controlled operation allows for convenient monitoring and control of the bagasse flow, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted process.
  • Stability and Durability: The robust, self-supporting bin structure provides stability and durability, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution for your bagasse handling needs.

How it works:

The Bagasse Storage Bin consists of a self-supporting bin structure with reinforcement and bracing. A distribution conveyor is located at the top of the bin, while three scraper shafts are positioned on the discharge end. An apron conveyor at the bottom controls the discharge process, and a control drive adjusts the discharger to the required reclaim rate. This design is specifically tailored for handling both moist and wet bagasse, enabling simultaneous storage, feed, and reclaiming of this fibrous material.


FMW Industries Wet Cleaning BSS Bagasse Stroage Bin

Why Choose FMW’s Bin?

The Bagasse Storage Bin is the ideal choice for industries dealing with bagasse, such as sugarcane processing, pulp and paper production, and biomass energy generation. It is particularly useful when there is a need for efficient storage, feed, and reclaiming of bagasse in bulk quantities. With its efficient management of bagasse material and remote-controlled operation, this product offers a reliable and convenient solution for bagasse handling.



FMW’s Bagasse Storage Bin offers a reliable and efficient solution for handling and storing bagasse, ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of material. With its remote-controlled operation, first-in-first-out storage concept, and robust bin structure, the Bagasse Storage Bin is an essential component for industries dealing with bagasse. Get in touch with FMW today to discuss how our Bagasse Storage Bin can improve your bagasse handling process and enhance your operational efficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your bagasse handling with FMW’s Bagasse Storage Bin.

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