FMW Non Wood Storing Solution- Pump/Dry Stacker


Efficient Bagasse Storage and Moisture Control: Optimize Bagasse Storage with FMW’s Pump/Dry Stacker

The pulp and paper industry is constantly evolving, with an increasing focus on sustainability and the use of non-wood fibers, such as bagasse and straw. In this context, efficient storage and handling of these materials become crucial. FMW, a renowned Austrian engineering company with decades of experience, offers a reliable solution: the Pump/Dry Stacker.

The Challenge: Managing Moisture Levels in Bagasse Storage

Bagasse, a fibrous residue left after extracting juice from sugar cane, is an essential raw material in the paper industry. However, managing its moisture levels during storage can be challenging. Bagasse typically contains 50% moisture after harvesting and must be stored wet or continuously sprayed with water to prevent rotting. This process demands effective storage solutions that can maintain optimal moisture levels while ensuring efficient material handling.


FMW’s Solution: The Pump/Dry Stacker

FMW’s Pump/Dry Stacker is designed to address the challenges associated with bagasse storage. This specialized storage solution allows for the efficient stacking and preservation of bagasse, maintaining its quality and preventing moisture infiltration. The Pump/Dry Stacker features a twin boom design with integrated pipes, a central tower support structure, and a cable suspension system. Automated controls ensure even material distribution and maintain desired stockpile heights.

FMW Non wood fiber preparation storing solution Pump Stacker

The solution consistently maintains Bagasse with 2-4% fiber content, ensuring top material quality during wet storage.

FMW Non wood fiber preparation storing solution Pump Stacker

Benefits of the Pump/Dry Stacker

FMW’s Pump/Dry Stacker offers several advantages for bagasse storage:

 Optimal Moisture Control: The Pump/Dry Stacker effectively maintains the ideal moisture levels in bagasse storage, preserving the material’s quality and preventing rotting.

  • Efficient Material Handling: This storage solution automates the stacking process, ensuring smooth material handling and reducing the risk of damage to the material.
  • Enhanced Storage Conditions: By preventing moisture infiltration, the Pump/Dry Stacker improves the overall storage conditions for bagasse, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable production process.

How it works:

The FMW Twin Boom Stacker, commonly referred to as the Pump/Dry Stacker, plays a crucial role in handling Bagasse wet storage when loading stockpiles. Bagasse, a fibrous substance, is expertly pumped onto the storage area along with water, resulting in a content consistency of 2-4% fiber. This system employs pipelines reinforced with trussworks, all suspended from a central tower, ensuring its robust construction. The slurry, containing Bagasse, is efficiently transported through pumps and pipelines equipped with automatic material gates within the stacker to the discharge point. Notably, only one discharge point operates at a time, while Bagasse is skillfully distributed and compacted at the non-operational point by crawler vehicles. This process is as efficient as it is essential for managing Bagasse storage effectively.


FMW Non wood fiber preparation storing solution Pump Stacker

Why Choose FMW’s Pump/Dry Stacker

When it comes to bagasse storage, FMW’s Pump/Dry Stacker is the optimal choice for several reasons: 

  • Innovation: FMW is known for its commitment to innovation, and the Pump/Dry Stacker is a testament to that. This advanced storage solution is designed to address the unique challenges associated with bagasse storage and handling.
  • Flexibility: The Pump/Dry Stacker can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a storage solution that meets your requirements and enhances your production process.
  • High Reliability: With decades of experience in the pulp and paper industry, FMW is a trusted partner that delivers reliable and high-quality storage solutions. The Pump/Dry Stacker is backed by FMW’s reputation for excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction.


If you’re looking to improve your bagasse storage and handling process, FMW’s Pump/Dry Stacker is the solution you need. With its focus on optimal moisture control, efficient material handling, and enhanced storage conditions, this storage solution will contribute to a more sustainable and efficient production process.

Contact FMW today to learn more about the Pump/Dry Stacker and how it can benefit your operations. Trust FMW’s expertise and commitment to quality to deliver the storage solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

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FMW non fiber preparation processing solution Wash Beater
FMW Non wood fiber preparation storing solution Pump Stacker
FMW Non wood fiber preparation storing solution Pump Stacker

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