FMW Sludge Storage Solution – Round Silo Discharge System


Maximizing Efficiency in Storing Sludge with Round-Silo Discharge System

In today’s highly competitive pulp and paper, bioenergy, recycling, and chipboard industries, efficient material handling is critical to staying ahead. Professionals are constantly searching for ways to optimize their processes and minimize potential issues. One common problem faced in these industries is inefficient storage and discharge systems causing blockages and inconsistent material flow. These issues can lead to reduced productivity, increased downtime, and higher maintenance costs.

Round-Silo Discharge System: Ensuring Consistent Material Flow and Precision Handling

Introducing the Round-Silo Discharge System, a cylindrical storage solution offering a specialized discharge mechanism that ensures consistent material flow. This design is perfect for clients who demand precise material handling and controlled material discharge. The system features a simple and tough structure, adjustable discharge capacity, and the option for electrical or hydraulical drive, depending on the application. The Round-Silo Discharge System is designed with a 100% active storage volume, allowing for efficient and economical operation.

FMW Biomass Round Silo Storage

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view of a round silo discharge screw

Benefits of a Round-Silo Discharge System

  • 100% active storage volume, ensuring maximum utilization of storage space
  • 100% First-In / First-Out operation, guaranteeing fully utilized storage volume and no dead areas
  • Efficient and economical fully automated operation
  • Closed storage to maintain chip quality
  • Indicator of actual storage volume for improved monitoring
  • Adjustable discharge capacity
  • Design dependent on material (mild steel or stainless steel)

How it works:

The Round-Silo Discharge System features a cylindrical storage structure with a specialized discharge mechanism that ensures a consistent flow of wood chips. This design prevents blockages and guarantees uniform chip distribution, making it an ideal choice for bioenergy facilities looking for a reliable and efficient solution.

Close-up of a round silo discharge screw
Round silo discharge system with two silos

Why to choose a Round-Silo Discharge System?


The Round-Silo Discharge System is an ideal choice for those seeking to improve their material handling processes and eliminate common problems such as blockages and inconsistent flow. With its adjustable discharge capacity, energy-efficient design, and commitment to quality, the Round-Silo Discharge System is a reliable solution for the industries’ material handling needs.


In conclusion, the Round-Silo Discharge System provides a practical and efficient solution to the common problems faced by Professionals in the pulp and paper, bioenergy, recycling, and chipboard industries. By ensuring consistent material flow and eliminating blockages, the Round-Silo Discharge System increases confidence in the efficiency of storage and discharge processes, leading to enhanced productivity and cost savings. Don’t let inefficient storage and discharge systems hold your business back. Explore the benefits of the Round-Silo Discharge System and contact FMW to discuss your requirements today.

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In the realm of biomass, sustainable energy generation and environmental responsibility are interconnected. The biomass industry, vital for harnessing renewable energy from organic sources, relies on efficient processes for handling and storing sludge by-products. Proper sludge storage is crucial for maintaining operational excellence in biomass plants, ensuring their smooth functioning, and contributing to environmental stewardship.

FMW Biomass Handling Silo
FMW Longitudinal Discharge Screw in a Biomass Storage
Image picture of a Stacker/Reclaimer system with another system in the background after a heavy rain.

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