FMW Sludge Storage Solution – FMW Longitudinal Discharge Screw


Meeting the Growing Demands

The bioenergy industry is rapidly growing, and efficient material handling is crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive and thrive. A common problem faced by many companies in this sector is inefficient material discharge and storage space optimization in silos, leading to material spillage, wasted storage space, and concerns with heavy materials or high wear.

The Unique Design of FMW’s Travelling Screw

The Travelling Screw is designed with a V-shaped silo, ensuring efficient use of storage space while minimizing material spillage. Its longitudinally movable screw conveyor allows for smooth and controlled discharge of material from the silo. This unique design makes it particularly valuable in handling heavy materials or situations where wear and pressure concerns make other configurations less suitable.

FMW A-Frame Storage for storing wood chips with the discharge screw from FMW In-House-Screw-Production in the center

In-House Screw Production guarantees FMWs quality, reliability and fast maintenance service.

FMW A Frame Storage showing the mounted travelling discharge screw from FMW In-House-Screw-Production

Key Features of a Longitudinal Discharge System

  • Precise Discharge: This system offers precise control over the rate and quantity of material discharge, facilitating efficient downstream processing.
  • Reduced Material Compaction: The design minimizes material compaction during the discharge process, helping to maintain the quality of the biomass material.
  • Customizable Design: The Longitudinal Discharge System can be customized to accommodate various biomass materials, as well as different storage vessel sizes and discharge rates.

How it works:

The operational concept of the Traveling Screw entails a screw conveyor situated within the silo, featuring a V-shaped configuration that moves along its length to enable the efficient discharge of materials from the silo. The V-shaped structure of the silo walls helps prevent any spillage, as the material naturally adheres to the angle of repose.


Round Silo Storage for Biomass in a plant

Why Choose the FMWs Travelling Screw?

Choose the Travelling Screw when you need an efficient and reliable solution for material handling and storage in the bioenergy industry. Its unique design and proven performance make it the ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their processes and stay competitive in the growing market.


With decades of experience and a proven track record in providing reliable, high-quality material handling solutions for the bioenergy industry, FMW’s Travelling Screw is the perfect solution to optimize your material handling process. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your material handling and storage capabilities in this rapidly growing market. Contact FMW today to discuss how the Travelling Screw can improve your material handling process and help your business stay competitive and efficient in the bioenergy industry.

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FMW Biomass Handling Silo
FMW Longitudinal Discharge Screw in a Biomass Storage
FMW Round-Silo discharge system with a round silo discharge screw from FMW in-hous screw production

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