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Boost Your Efficiency with FMW’s Paper Reel Splitter

The global waste recycling services market is rapidly expanding, with a value of $55.1 billion in 2020 and an expected growth to nearly $90 billion by 2028. To meet this growing demand and stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial for businesses in the recycling industry to adopt efficient processes and technologies. One such solution is FMW’s Paper Reel Splitter, a reliable and efficient tool designed to optimize the recycling process.

A Solution to Inefficient Paper Roll Splitting and Portioning

The challenges faced by recycling facilities include time-consuming and inefficient splitting and portioning of paper rolls, which can lead to increased labor costs and reduced overall productivity. FMW’s Paper Reel Splitter addresses these issues by providing a cost-effective and efficient solution that strikes the right balance between cost and functionality.

FMW Paper Reel Splitter

The CONCUT has the capacity to cater to different bale lengths and wire stripping requirements, delivering a customized solution.

FMW Paper Reel Splitter

Key Keatures FMWs Paper Reel Splitter

The Paper Reel Splitter is an industrial machine specifically designed for the efficient splitting and portioning of paper rolls, particularly those with damaged cores. Its user-friendly design and batch operation with manual control make it an ideal choice for recycling businesses looking to improve their productivity.

One of the key features of the Paper Reel Splitter is its curved conveyor belts on both the input and output conveyors. This design facilitates the translational movement of input rolls to the Paper Reel Splitter, preventing roll unwinding and saving time while enhancing safety during the process.

How it works:

The Paper Reel Splitter operates in batch mode, with material loaded onto the intake conveyor using a lifting trough. The intake conveyor transfers the material to the core machine (Paper Reel Splitter, PRS) for translational splitting. The PRS then splits the material into parts, often referred to as “swaths,” which are carried away on an output conveyor.


FMW Paper Reel Splitter

Why Choose FMW Concut?

The Paper Reel Splitter is an ideal choice for businesses in the paper and recycling industry looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution to splitting and portioning paper rolls. Its user-friendly design, curved conveyor belts, and enhanced safety features make it a reliable and valuable addition to your recycling process.




In an ever-growing and competitive industry, it is essential to adopt efficient processes and technologies to stay ahead. FMW’s Paper Reel Splitter offers an effective solution for splitting and portioning paper rolls, increasing productivity and efficiency in the recycling process. With FMW’s decades of experience, proven solutions, and commitment to innovation, flexibility, and quality, you can trust the Paper Reel Splitter for your needs. Contact FMW today to discuss how the Paper Reel Splitter can optimize your recycling process and give your business the competitive edge it needs.

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Accurate and effective handling of waste paper is essential for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in this industry. Simplify and optimize your process.

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FMW Automatic Wastepaper Bale Dewiring Extractor dewriring a wastepaper bale

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