FMW Waste Paper Cutting – Automatic Continuous Wire Cutter


Efficiently Opening Wired Recycled Paper Bales with FMW’s Automatic Continuous Wire Cutter (ConCut)

The global waste recycling market is fastly growing. This growth is primarily driven by the ever-increasing concerns surrounding waste management and the need for efficient recycling processes. With the demand for sustainable solutions and a circular economy, the recycling industry faces challenges that demand innovation, reliability, and simplicity in their operations. One such challenge is the efficient opening of wired recycled paper bales, a crucial step in the recycling process.

FMW’s Solution: The Automatic Continuous Wire Cutter (ConCut)

To address this challenge, FMW offers the CONCUT Automatic Continuous Wire Cutter, a versatile, high-performance solution tailored for the recycling industry. Designed for cutting wires and opening recycled paper bales, the Concut streamlines the bale opening process, ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of materials through the recycling system.

FMW Wastepaper Cutting Solution Concut

The ConCut has the capacity to cater to different bale lengths and wire stripping requirements, delivering a customized solution.

FMW Wastepaper Cutting Solution Concut

Key Benefits of FMWs ConCut

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: The ConCut’s continuous operation and high conveying capacity enable the processing of large volumes of recycled paper bales with ease, boosting the facility’s productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Simplicity and Ease of Operation: The straightforward design of the ConCut ensures that operators can seamlessly integrate it into their existing processes without the need for extensive training or specialized knowledge.
  • Improved Safety and Reliability: The design prioritizes safety, ensuring that the cutting process is controlled and secure, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • Adaptability and Customization: It is available in multiple configurations to accommodate various bale lengths and wire stripping

How it works:

The recycled bales are fed to the Receiving Conveyor by a clamp truck and advanced to the Dewiring section. The wires are cut from the bottom and continuously extracted from the top. Removed wires are cut periodicly discharged either into a container, a wire coiler or a wire shredder. Dewired recycled paper bales are conveyed directly either into a bale breaker or onto a conveyor.


FMW Wastepaper Cutting Solution Concut

Why Choose FMW Concut?


The CONCUT is an ideal choice for recycling facilities that handle large volumes of wired recycled paper bales. It is an intermediate step in a conveyor system, designed to work seamlessly with other components to ensure efficient material handling and processing. The CONCUT is especially beneficial for facilities that prioritize safety, productivity, and reliability in their operations.



The FMW CONCUT is a valuable solution for recycling facilities that seek to enhance their productivity and streamline operations. Its simple, high-capacity, and continuous cutting capabilities make it an essential component in the efficient processing of wired recycled paper bales. By choosing the CONCUT, recycling facilities can confidently address the challenges of wired bale processing and contribute to the growth of the global waste recycling services market.

To learn more about how the CONCUT can improve your recycling facility’s operations, contact FMW today and experience the benefits of innovation, flexibility, and high reliability in your material handling processes.

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FMW Automatic Wastepaper Bale Dewiring Extractor in Action
Wastepaper Bale Cutter AD Cutter
FMW Automatic Wastepaper Bale Dewiring Extractor dewriring a wastepaper bale

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