FMW Waste Paper Cutting – Wire Cutter (AD-Cutter)


Wire Cutting Efficiency: Discover the AD-Cutter Advantage

The wastepaper recycling industry is on the rise, with the global waste recycling services market expected to reach nearly $90 billion by 2028. Efficient wire-cutting processes for wastepaper bales are crucial in maintaining productivity and reducing operational costs. However, many mills struggle with inefficient wire cutting methods, leading to production delays and increased downtime. Introducing the AD-Cutter – a specialized solution designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Introducing the AD-Cutter

The FMW AD-Cutter is specifically designed to cater to your waste paper recycling needs. This machine is used to cut the binding wires that hold waste paper bales together, without removing them. This allows for easy and efficient processing of waste paper bales in a pot-shaped pulper. The AD-Cutter’s unique design ensures that the wires act as “tentacles” to capture unwanted foreign objects during paper production, ensuring a clean and efficient process.

With different models available, such as the AD 1500-I and AD 1500-II, the AD-Cutter is adaptable to a variety of bale sizes and configurations. Its simple yet reliable construction guarantees a long knife lifespan and optimized performance.

FMW Wastepaper Wire Cutter (AD Cutter)

The FMWs AD-Cutter has a simple and reliable solution and adaptable to your different requirements.

FMW Wastepaper Wire Cutting Solution (AD Cutter)

Key Features of FMWs AD-Cutter

FMW’s years of experience, professionalism, and dedication to quality are at the core of our cutting solutions. Choosing the AD-Cutter for your waste paper processing operations means:

  • Increased efficiency in handling waste paper bales
  • Enhanced productivity in recycling processes
  • A reliable and proven machine with a long lifespan
  • Access to FMW’s expertise and customized solutions

How it works:

Waste paper bales are transported on an Apron Conveyor in an in-line design. The AD-Cutter continuously cuts bale wires at adjustable distances, depending on the bale length. The in-line design allows the machine to cut wires directly on the Pulper Feeding Conveyor.

The AD-Cutter is available in different types: AD-II and AD-III. The AD-II features both horizontal and vertical knife bars, allowing cutting from the top (longitudinal wires) and the side (transverse wires, double direction wiring). The AD-III is similar to AD-II but has two vertical knife bars on the sides, capable of cutting two side-by-side bales with wire strapping.
Depending on your requirements this system is also workable as a movable or non-movable option.

With its simple and clear construction, the AD-Cutter is a reliable and proven machine, offering a long knife lifespan.


FMW Wastepaper Wire Cutter (AD Cutter) to safely cut the wires of wastepaper bales

Why Choose FMWs AD-Cutter?


The AD-Cutter is the ideal solution for mills seeking to improve their wire-cutting process for wastepaper bales. Its specialized design, versatility, and reliability make it a valuable addition to any mill’s waste paper recycling operations.



Explore the advantages of the AD-Cutter for your mill and get in touch with our experts at FMW to discuss how it can improve your wire-cutting process. With the AD-Cutter you choose a reliable and efficient solution for cutting wired wastepaper bales, contributing to a more sustainable and profitable operation. 

Discover more about FMWs Wastepaper Handling Solutions.

Accurate and effective handling of waste paper is essential for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in this industry. Simplify and optimize your process.

FMW Wastepaper Dewiring Solution Extractor
FMW Automatic Wastepaper Bale Dewiring Extractor in Action
FMW Automatic Wastepaper Bale Dewiring Extractor dewriring a wastepaper bale

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