FMW Wood Chip Receiving Solution – Discharge Chain Conveyor


Introducing FMW Discharge Chain Conveyor to optimize your wood chip receiving

The pulp and paper industry is an essential part of the global economy. With the fast-growing demand for paper products, having efficient and reliable wood chip handling solutions is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and boosting productivity. One of the main challenges faced by the industry is inefficient and uncontrolled unloading of wood chips from transport vehicles, which often leads to bridging, clumping, and damage to chips. This, in turn, results in reduced efficiency and increased downtime.

The Chain Receiver is a solution for optimizing the wood chip receiving process. This system provides a controlled and uniform discharge of wood chips, minimizing material stress and maximizing storage space utilization.

Receiving wood chips via truck on a chain receiver

Designed for high capacities for simultaneous unloading of several trucks or containers.

FMW Discharge Chain Receiver Conveyor


  • Uniform unloading and efficient utilization of storage space
  • Minimized bridging and clumping of wood chips
  • Reduced dust emission for a cleaner and safer work environment
  • Adaptability to various transport vehicles and operational requirements

How it works

The Chain Receiver is designed to handle various quantities of wood chips and oversized particles. Its low wearing, electromechanical drive arrangement ensures high capacities, and the scraper drums provide an even flow to downstream conveyors. This gentle unloading process helps to minimize damage and fines, leading to a more efficient overall operation.

Additionally, the Chain Receiver is flexible in terms of installation, with customizable solutions. This adaptability allows the system to be tailored to specific operational requirements, further enhancing its effectiveness.


By implementing the Chain Receiver, you’ll experience immediate efficiency improvements and long-term cost savings. To learn more about how FMW solution can benefit your operations, contact our experts today.

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