Innovation meets responsibility -
creating highly efficient sustainable solutions for plastic recycling systems


We offer fully automatic dewiring systems for a wide variety of industries. The possibility of a wide variety of combinations with almost all conveyor systems offers our customers maximum flexibility. The sophisticated design ensures our customers and their employees the highest level of security when wire-stripping.


Transporting is a key in the value chain of our customers. The range of materials handling equipment allows flexible and customized transport processes to be implemented depending on the requirements of our customers. Automated processes ensure that goods are delivered on time, in the right place and in the appropriate quantity. Compared to human resources, intelligent transportation systems are much more reliable because all processes are interlinked and coordinated.


When effectively converting dense material into bulk, many customers worldwide rely on FMW shredding equipment. The high throughput and absence of hydraulic components make FMW one of the most preferred suppliers in the industry.

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