FMW Biomass Receiving Solution – Bulk Receiving Conveyor (BuCo)


Introducing the Bulk Receiving Conveyor (BuCo)

Recent studies reveal a growing need for reliable and flexible solutions in continuous process industries. The Bulk Receiving Conveyor (BuCo) has emerged as a high-performance truck unloader, offering proven reliability to address the dynamic demands of today’s industry.

This system offers a practical approach to unloading and transporting various materials. It is designed to meet the standards of versatility, safety, and cleanliness in your daily operations. On this page, we will introduce the BuCo, and for any further information, please contact our team of experts. 

FMW_Bulk_Receiving Conveyor (BuCo)

The BuCo excels in safely handling and unloading diverse materials, from dry and dusty to wet and sticky, while maintaining a clean and dust-free working environment.

Key Features of the Bulk Receiving Conveyor (BuCo)

  • Efficient Bulk Material Unloading: Streamlines the unloading process for trucks and loaders, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Safety and Cleanliness: Offers safety features like an emergency stop and minimizes dust generation, maintaining a clean working environment.
  • Versatile Design: Configurable for different types of bulk materials and assembly line inclinations, providing flexibility for various applications.

How it works:

This system facilitates the efficient unloading of bulk materials from trucks or loaders. When the vehicle arrives at the unloading area, the automatic hatch can be opened by the driver or operator, initiating the downstream components. The bulk material is unloaded directly into a chute located under a dust hood. For safety and cleanliness, the driver/operator monitors the process from a control panel, with access to an emergency stop. After unloading, the vehicle is moved to a safe position, and we offer an optional grate as a safety barrier.

This assembly is corrosion-protected and designed for both manual reception and automated material transport, featuring a sectional steel construction. For shipping convenience, sections are partially assembled, with drives mounted and tested to be reassembled on-site. The system is engineered to minimize dust generation and emission during material conveying.

FMW_Bulk_Receiving Conveyor (BuCo)

Why Choose the BuCo?

Choose this product when you need a reliable and efficient solution for unloading bulk materials from trucks and loaders in a safe and clean manner. It is particularly advantageous when:

  • Efficiency Matters: You want to streamline the unloading process, ensuring a swift and smooth material transfer.
  • Safety is a Priority: Safety is a top concern, and you need features like emergency stops and protective grates to safeguard personnel and equipment.
  • Dust Control is Essential: Your operation requires minimal dust generation to maintain a clean and healthy working environment.
  • Versatility is Needed: You work with various bulk materials and need a system that can handle different types effectively.



In conclusion, the Bulk Receiving Conveyor offers a versatile, efficient, and safety-focused solution for unloading and transporting bulk materials. With features designed to streamline operations, minimize dust, and enhance safety, it is well-suited for a range of industries. It’s a reliable choice for those seeking to optimize their material handling processes while ensuring a clean and secure working environment. For further information please contact our team. We will be happy to find the perfect solution for you.

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