FMW Biomass Receiving Solutions Overview


Efficient Material Handling Starts at Receiving

The bioenergy market has been witnessing significant growth in recent years, with the global market expected to reach $217.8 billion by 2030. This growth is driven by the increasing demand for renewable energy sources to mitigate climate change and achieve broader sustainability goals. In this context, efficient and reliable material handling solutions play a critical role in ensuring the success of biomass processing facilities.

The Challenges: Efficient and Reliable Biomass Material Handling

In the bioenergy industry, the handling of raw materials is a crucial aspect that can significantly impact the efficiency and productivity of the entire process. The challenge lies in finding a solution that not only ensures smooth and efficient material flow but also minimizes damage to the biomass during handling.

FMW Industries’ Biomass Receiving Solutions: An Overview

At FMW, we offer a comprehensive range of biomass receiving solutions to streamline the transportation and processing of your biomass materials. Our solutions are designed to cater to diverse biomass handling needs, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation. Let’s explore each of our innovative solutions and their distinctive advantages:

FMWs Vibrating Conveyor

Our Vibrating Conveyor is the ideal choice for those seeking gentle and energy-efficient material handling solution. This conyeor uses vibrations to move biomass materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, and agricultural residues, ensuring a consistent and controlled flow. Whether you’re dealing with irregular shapes or varying sizes, this solution offers flexibility and minimal maintenance requirements, making it a sustainable choice for many biomass processing applications.

Bulk Unloading Conveyor (BuCo)

Our Bulk Unloading Conveyor (BuCo) is designed for the swift and efficient unloading of bulk biomass materials from transport vehicles. With its robust construction, it ensures the rapid transfer of biomass, optimizing time and labor efficiency during unloading. Additionally, our BuCo systems are equipped with advanced dust control measures to address environmental and safety considerations, making it an ideal choice for high-throughput unloading tasks.

FMW Bulk Receiving Conveyor (BuCo) a reliable Biomass Receiving Solution

Chain Conveyor

When it comes to managing dense, heavy biomass materials, our Chain Conveyor is a robust solution. It utilizes a chain-driven system with durable attachments that efficiently transport substantial loads. Notably, the Chain Conveyor is recognized for its versatility, enabling both horizontal and vertical conveying. Moreover, it’s designed for continuous operation, ensuring a steady material flow, making it a reliable option for demanding applications.

FMW Biomass Chain Receiver
FMW Biomass Chain Receiver

Stocker Conveyor

Expanding our range of biomass receiving solutions, the Stocker Conveyor is engineered for storage and inventory management purposes. It plays a crucial role as an efficient intermediary in biomass handling. This enables material storage before the subsequent process and provides effective inventory control.

FMW Round Silo Biomass Storage

The FMW Advantage: Quality, Experience, and Professionalism

At FMW, we understand that no two biomass handling requirements are the same. That’s why we offer a diverse range of solutions to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require delicate handling, high-speed unloading, or heavy-duty conveying, we have the solution needed to optimize your biomass processing operations. Explore our biomass receiving solutions today and discover how we can help you achieve efficiency and productivity in your biomass handling processes.


Each of our biomass receiving solutions has its unique features and benefits. The Vibrating Conveyor excels in gentle handling and versatility, making it perfect for fragile or irregularly shaped materials. In contrast, our BuCo is engineered for rapid unloading and equipped with dust control features. It’s an efficient choice for high-throughput unloading needs. Our Chain Conveyor is tailored for heavy-duty operations and can handle dense materials, offering the flexibility of both horizontal and vertical conveying, with the added advantage of continuous operation.

Let’s talk about how we can help you to improve your process and contact our team of experts. We are looking forward to finding the best solution for your requirements.

FMW Round-Silo discharge system with several round silos for storing wood chips

Turning Challenges into Triumphs

FMW is dedicated to providing flexible, tailor-made solutions that best meet your needs. We stand for innovation, know how, flexibility and quality. We take pride in being your trusted partner, supporting you from the initial pre-project phase through seamless on-site commissioning and After Sales & Services. We are your Engineers of progress.