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When to Choose the Stocker Conveyor for Your Material Handling Needs

The Stocker Conveyor is a solution poised to transform material handling practices. In today’s industry landscape, as outlined by recent studies, the need for efficient and cost-effective material transport is more critical than ever. With its innovative design and practical features, the Stocker Conveyor is at the forefront of meeting these industry demands.

Stocker Conveyor is an ideal choice for cost-effective low-capacity material handling.

Key Features of the Stocker Conveyor

  • Cost-effective for low-capacity material handling
  • Efficient hydraulic-driven material transfer
  • Flexible material discharge options
  • Simple and practical design
  • Suitable for basic material handling needs

How it works:

The Stocker Conveyor operates by utilizing a hydraulic pushrod to move material efficiently from a bunker. This pushrod directly contacts the ground, and the material can be discharged either longitudinally into a chute or centrally through an opening beneath it. It employs a unique gray ladder system to facilitate material movement to the right, with stationary yellow wedges ensuring material stability when the ladder moves to the left.


FMW Biomass Round Silo Storage

Why Choose a Stocker Conveyor?


The Stocker Conveyor presents an economical and straightforward solution for applications with lower material handling requirements. Its simplicity and efficiency make it a wise choice for businesses seeking to optimize their operations without incurring excessive costs. This product is particularly suited for scenarios where cost-effective, basic material handling is the primary concern.


The Stocker Conveyor, with its innovative design and cost-effective features, offers a solution perfectly aligned with the needs of the industry. In a landscape where efficiency and affordability are paramount, this conveyor system stands out as an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their material handling processes while maintaining a competitive edge. Upgrade your material handling with the Stocker Conveyor and witness the difference it can make in your operations.

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