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Unlock the Full Potential of Non-Wood Fibers with the Depither

With advances in paper manufacturing technology the demand for non-wood fibers in the pulp and paper industry is on the rise. In this context, efficient separation of pith from fibers in non-wood materials like sugarcane straw becomes crucial, impacting the quality of end products. That’s where FMW’s Depither comes into play.

The Depither: A Solution to Non-Wood Fiber Processing Challenges

FMW’s Depither is designed to mechanically separate pith from fibers in materials like sugarcane straw. By using a dry processing method, it not only enhances the quality of the fibers but also reduces operational complexities, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings in your non-wood fiber processing operations.

The Depither’s dry processing minimizes resource consumption, offering an eco-friendly and efficient non-wood fiber solution.

Features of the Depither

The Depither offers a dry processing solution that mechanically separates pith from fibers in non-wood materials like sugarcane straw. Its key features include:

  • Minimal water usage, reducing operational complexities
  • Mechanical separation of pith from fiber
  • Centrifuge-based separation using variable perforations within a single machine
  • Preceding magnetic separators to protect the Depither from metal parts and stones
  • Simple removal of the hammer stack from the Depither housing for maintenance purposes
  • Designed with standard steel construction, suitable for dry operations

How it works:

The Depither efficiently separates pith and fine particles from the good fibers (longer fibers) in a gravity-driven material flow. Raw bagasse falls onto the hammers and is propelled against the perforated wall, where pith and other fine materials are pressed through the wall while longer fibers remain inside the centrifuge and fall through. Two separate chutes direct the two mass streams, with the good fiber stream conveyed to a slurry system for mixing with process water.

Why and When to Choose the Depither

Choose the Depither when you need a reliable and efficient solution for processing non-wood fibers like sugarcane straw in industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing and fiberboard production. The Depither is particularly valuable for large-scale operations where efficient separation of pith from fiber is required, leading to improved fiber quality and reduced waste.


Experience improved efficiency, cost savings, and higher-quality end products when using the Depither in your non-wood fiber processing operations. Discover how the Depither can optimize your non-wood fiber processing operations by contacting FMW today and unlock the full potential of non-wood fibers in your industry.

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