FMW Non Wood Processing Solution – Pin Drum Feeder


Streamlining Fiber Flow for Consistency and Efficiency

With the increasing demand for sustainable paper products and the growing trend towards eco-friendliness, non-wood fiber sources like bagasse and straw are gaining popularity. However, inconsistent fiber flows in non-wood fiber preparation can lead to inefficiencies, downtime, and reduced productivity. In this article, we will introduce the Pin Drum Feeder, a solution that ensures a consistent and even flow of fibrous materials, preventing material bridging and ensuring efficient material handling.

Facing Fiber Flow Challenges with Precision and Consistency

FMW offers the Pin Drum Feeder, a reliable and efficient solution designed for the uniform dosing of fibrous bulk materials such as bagasse, wheat straw, and similar fiber materials. This feeder is crucial in processes where consistent material feeding is necessary to optimize downstream operations and maintain equipment efficiency.

FMW Non Wood Fiber Preparation Pin Drum Feeder

Consistent, uninterrupted material flow for peak operational efficiency.

FMW Non Wood Fiber Preparation Pin Drum Feeder

The Benefits: Consistent Flow and Enhanced Process Efficiency

By incorporating a Pin Drum Feeder into your non-wood fiber preparation process, you can achieve:

  • A smooth and consistent flow of fibrous materials
  • Prevention of material bridging and clogging
  • Enhanced efficiency and reliability of downstream equipment

How it works:

The Pin Drum Feeder operates with a variable frequency drive, ensuring precise and uniform dosing of fibrous materials prone to poor flow and bridging. By preventing overload in downstream equipment, it reduces the risk of costly maintenance and repairs, and positively affects overall process efficiency. With multiple model options available, the Pin Drum Feeder can cater to various input capacities and requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Why to choose FMWs Pin Drum Feeder

  • Ensures a consistent and even flow of fibrous materials, preventing disruptions in production.
  • Prevents bridging, which can impede material handling and cause downtime.
  • Offers multiple model options to meet specific production needs, allowing for customization.


If inconsistent fiber flows are impacting your non-wood fiber preparation process, it’s time to explore the benefits of incorporating a Pin Drum Feeder. Contact our experts at FMW to find the right model for your specific needs and experience the difference a consistent and even flow of fibrous materials can make in your operations.

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