FMW Non Wood Processing Solution – Wash Beater


Enhance Fiber Processing Efficiency with FMW’s Wash Beater

In the paper production industry, efficient separation of fibers and impurities in bagasse and straw is crucial for maintaining high-quality fibers, boosting efficiency, and reducing production costs. In this context, FMW’s Wash Beater offers an effective solution to optimize your non-wood fiber preparation process.

Introducing FMW’s Innovative Wash Beater

Introducing the Wash Beater, FMW’s solution for separating straw fibers and pith in bagasse straw, as well as removing heavy particles like clay, soil, sand, and stones. This powerful equipment features a housing with an adjustable weir for water level control, beater shafts for effective beating action, and a heavy particle separator with a diffuser and sluice for efficient impurity removal.

FMW non fiber preparation processing solution Wash Beater

The Wash Beater’s shallow design saves space and ensures efficient impurity removal at a low consistency.

FMW non fiber preparation processing solution Wash Beater

Benefits of FMWs Rotary Screen

  • Improved process efficiency, as the Rotary Screen effectively removes solid particles from water systems.
  • Reduced water consumption, contributing to more sustainable operations and lower operating costs.
  • Prevention of clogs and damage to downstream equipment, ensuring a smooth and reliable production process.

How it works:

The Wash Beater is charged with consistency and serves to separate straw fibers and pith in bagasse straw, as well as the separation of straw from mineral impurities such as clay, soil, sand, and stones. This separation is achieved through the beating action of the beater rolls, which repeatedly submerge the straw beneath the water’s surface. Heavy particles are separated in stone traps built into the floor. These traps have sluices that are manually or automatically adjusted to regularly remove impurities. It is important to ensure that the necessary upwelling velocity counteracts the sinking of fibers, allowing heavy particles to settle.

FMW non fiber preparation processing solution Wash Beater

Choose the Wash Beater for Optimal Fiber Quality

Choose the Wash Beater for your non-wood fiber preparation needs when you require a reliable and efficient solution for cleaning fibers of heavy particles in wet stored bagasse, preparing them for downstream processes like refining. By implementing the Wash Beater, you can significantly improve the quality of your fibers for further processing, ensuring optimal results in paper production.


In conclusion, with decades of experience, innovation, flexibility, and high reliability in handling systems for the pulp, paper, energy, chipboard, and recycling industry, FMW is your trusted partner for non-wood fiber preparation solutions. Contact FMW today to learn more about the Wash Beater and discuss your specific needs. Stay ahead of the competition and elevate your fiber quality by implementing FMWs Wash Beater.

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FMW non fiber preparation processing solution Wash Beater
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FMW Non wood fiber preparation storing solution Pump Stacker

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