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Manual Pulp Bale Dewiring: for Small-Scale Facilities or as a Backup Option

In the ever-evolving pulp and paper industry, efficient dewiring processes are essential to managing costs, reducing processing times, and minimizing workplace accidents. However, many facilities struggle to find the optimal dewiring solution for their specific needs. With domestic paper consumption, it’s evident that the right dewiring solution is crucial for success.

Introducing the Manual Single Bale Dewiring system, a cost-effective, simple, and flexible solution designed for small-scale facilities handling limited quantities of materials or as a backup option for larger operations with automated dewiring systems. This versatile solution maintains low energy consumption and maintenance requirements, ensuring that your facility operates efficiently and reliably.

FMW Manual Bale Dewiring in a pulp and paper mill
Efficiency and Safety in Your Pulp Handling Process with FMWs Automatic Unit Dewiring

Features of Manual Single Bale Dewiring

  • Cost-effectiveness: Lower upfront costs and reduced maintenance requirements make this solution an affordable option for facilities with limited resources or smaller production volumes.
  • Simplicity: The straightforward operation requires minimal training for personnel, ensuring a smooth implementation in your facility.
  • Low maintenance: With fewer complex components, manual machines have lower maintenance requirements, resulting in reduced downtime and increased productivity.
  • Operator control: Greater control over the dewiring process enables operators to adjust the process as needed to handle challenging materials or unusual bale configurations.

How it works:

The Manual Single Bale Dewiring system operates on a Pin Chain Conveyor, allowing isolated pulp bales to be manually dewired with ease. A guide way for a moveable pneumatic cutter is mounted above the Pin Chain Conveyor for convenient operation. The Pin Chain Conveyor is supplied in a length that ensures adequate retention time based on your facility’s production rate and is equipped with pins for easy removal of wires.


FMW Manual Bale Dewiring as a part of an automated system

Why Choose Manual Bale Dewiring?


If your facility handles limited quantities of materials or requires a backup option for larger operations with automated dewiring systems, Manual Bale Dewiring is the ideal solution. Its cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and flexibility ensure efficient and reliable dewiring processes tailored to your facility’s needs.


Manual Bale Dewiring offers a cost-effective, simple, and flexible solution for small-scale facilities or as a backup option for larger operations, while maintaining low energy consumption and maintenance requirements. To learn more about Manual Single Bale Dewiring and how it can improve your facility’s operations, contact FMW today.

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