FMW Dewiring Solution – Automatic Unit Dewiring (UD 8)


Boost Efficiency and Safety in Your Pulp Handling Process with FMW’s Automatic Unit Dewiring (UD 8)

The pulp and paper industry is constantly evolving, with the global paper market. In such a dynamic environment, it’s essential to stay ahead by optimizing your processes and ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Manual dewiring of pulp bales can be labor-intensive, inefficient, and potentially dangerous. FMW’s Automatic Unit Dewiring (UD 8) solution addresses these challenges, streamlining the dewiring process, reducing labor costs, and enhancing safety.

FMWs Automatic Unit Dewiring Solution in an pulp and paper mill

With high and a dewiring efficiency of 98 %, FMW’s UD 8 is suitable for large-scale industrial operations.

Efficiency and Safety in Your Pulp Handling Process with FMWs Automatic Unit Dewiring

Key features of the Automatic Unit Dewiring (UD 8)

  • High throughput: The system significantly speeds up the dewiring process, allowing for a higher throughput compared to manual methods.
  • Consistent quality: The UD 8 ensures that each unit is dewired with the same level of precision and care, improving the overall quality of the end product.
  • Improved safety: By automating the dewiring process, the UD 8 eliminates safety concerns associated with manual handling of wires.
  • Adaptability: The system can be programmed or adjusted to accommodate different unit sizes, types, and materials, making it versatile for various applications.
  • Enhanced productivity: With faster dewiring and reduced downtime, the UD 8 improves overall productivity in the production process.

How it works:

From the receiving conveyor the pulp units are fed automatically to the Unit Dewiring Machine. As the units are received they are centered for processing. Both unit stacks are clamped hydraulically and one is lifted. The wires are then cut on the bottom of the unit. Simultaneously, the wires are coiled on the top and dropped into a container via a chute. During transport to the next step, the dewired stacks are separated from each other to facilitate further processing.


Efficiency and Safety in Your Pulp Handling Process with FMWs Automatic Unit Dewiring

Why to choose an Automatic Unit Dewiring?


Investing in the Automatic Unit Dewiring system (UD 8) is a smart decision for businesses looking to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity in their pulp handling processes. With FMW’s decades of experience and commitment to innovation, flexibility, and quality, you can trust us as a reliable partner for your pulp handling needs.


Contact FMW today to discuss how the Automatic Unit Dewiring system (UD 8) can be integrated into your pulp handling process, ensuring you stay ahead and enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency, safety, and productivity.

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FMW Automatic Pulp Bale Dewiring dewiring pulp bales in a pulp and paper mill focusing on the magnetic belt for wire coils disposal
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