FMW Waste Paper Processing Solutions – Overview


Efficient Processing Solutions for Waste Paper Recycling

In the ever-evolving landscape of waste paper recycling, efficient and eco-friendly processing is the key to success. Our innovative solutions, are designed to streamline your operations and maximize productivity.

Whether you’re looking to break down waste paper bales, efficiently handle wires and steel bands, or ensure a continuous material flow in your pulping drum, we have the right solution for you. Each system comes with unique features and advantages tailored to your specific requirements.

Join us as we explore these cutting-edge solutions that promise to optimize your waste paper handling process. Discover how our technology can help you achieve higher efficiency, quality, and sustainability in your recycling operations.

FMW Industries’ Waste Paper Processing Solutions: An Overview

Explore our advanced Wastepaper Processing Solutions. Each solution is meticulously designed to enhance efficiency in the waste paper handling process, catering to various requirements.

FMWs Equal Flow Technology (EFT)

The EFT is a material handling system that guarantees continuous material flow and maximizes processing capacity for the pulping drum. It employs a two-step technique, featuring a volumetric equalizer and a radiometric scale-controlled mass flow. The advantages of EFT include increased drum capacity, uniform product quality, economical chemical metering, reduced downtime, and precise control over the mixture of infeed furnish.

FMW Wastepaper Processing Solution Equal Flow Technology

FMWs Bale Breaker

The Bale Breaker is a versatile solution designed to efficiently break waste paper bales after dewiring, ensuring a continuous material flow. With its four rotating screw shafts, it loosens the material, depositing it onto a conveyor for further processing. The advantages of this system include efficient material loosening after dewiring, a seamless flow of materials, and suitability for various bale types.

FMW Bale Breaker for breaking wastepaper bales

FMWs Wire Coiler

Our Wire Coiler is the ideal choice for coiling wires from pulp units, pulp bales, and recycled paper bales. It creates large, manageable coils of wires and steel bands for easy handling and recycling. The Wire Coiler offers efficient coiling, enhanced safety features, adaptability for various wire and steel band sizes, and a convenient plug-and-play solution, making it a valuable addition to your processing setup.

Full Wastepaper Wire Coiler
Empty Wastepaper Wire Coiler

In Summary

The key differences between these solutions are as follows:

  • Equal Flow Technology (EFT): Ensures uninterrupted material flow and high processing capacity for pulping drums, emphasizing uniform product quality and precise chemical metering.
  • Bale Breaker: Focused on material loosening and facilitating a continuous material flow.
  • Wire Coiler: Specialized in coiling wires and steel bands from various sources, featuring safety features and adaptability for different sizes.


FMW Wastepaper Handling full process as an example

The FMW Advantage: Quality, Experience, and Professionalism

At FMW, we understand that no two waste paper handling requirements are the same. That’s why we offer a diverse range of solutions to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require delicate handling, precize cutting, or processing equipment, we have the solution you need to optimize your waste paper handling operations. Explore our solutions and discover how we can help you achieve efficiency and productivity in your waste paper handling processes.


With FMW’s wastepaper processing solutions, you can reap the benefits of a seamless and efficient workflow, boosting your plant’s productivity and ensuring uniform product quality. Our innovations provide unparalleled results, making us the ideal partner for your pulp and paper processing needs.

Reach out to our team of experts today, and let’s discuss how we can help you stay ahead in the competitive pulp and paper industry.

FMW Automatic Wastepaper Bale Dewiring Extractor dewriring a wastepaper bale

Turning Challenges into Triumphs

FMW is dedicated to providing flexible, tailor-made solutions that best meet your needs. We stand for innovation, know how, flexibility and quality. We take pride in being your trusted partner, supporting you from the initial pre-project phase through seamless on-site commissioning and After Sales & Services. We are your Engineers of progress.