FMW Wood Chip Receiving Solution – Container Tipping


Introducing the Container Tipping Machine

The pulp and paper industry is a highly competitive market, where efficient handling of raw materials is crucial for success. One of the key challenges faced by companies in this industry is the unloading of wood chips from trains and containers. Manual or semi-automated processes can lead to delays, increased labor costs, and inconsistent wood chip handling. To address this issue, FMW, in partnership with Innofreight, has developed the Container Tipping Machine – a fully automated solution that streamlines the unloading process and directs wood chips seamlessly into further processing or storage.


receiving woodchips via train, container tipping machine

Fully Automated Unloading for Enhanced Productivity.

Container Tipper at installation for efficient receiving wood chips from an innofreight train


  • Reduced labor costs and risks, associated with manual or semi-automated processes
  • Consistent, automated handling of wood chips, ensuring uniform quality and minimizing delays
  • Enhanced overall productivity

How it works

The (stationary) container dumper is used to empty 20-foot containers (on railcar chassis) in the most efficient way possible using an overhead method. The fork body reaches into the bottom of the container, moves it from the wagon to the discharge position and tilts it with the tipping module until the material flows out into the ground-level bunker behind.

During unloading, a sample of the wood chips can be taken automatically for quality analysis in the laboratory.

receiving woodchips via train, container tipping machine
Control Tower of a container tipping machine at a pulp and paper mill for efficient wood chip receiving
Container Tipping machine from innofreight, developed from FMW Industries
Container Tipper at installation for efficient receiving wood chips from an innofreight train, focusing on the screw for taking samples of each container

Why Choose the Container Tipping Machine?

The Container Tipping Machine is an ideal choice for companies looking to improve their wood chip unloading process. Its fully automated operation ensures consistent and efficient unloading, reducing delays and labor costs. Moreover, its hydraulic supply of the actuators allows for smooth and reliable operation, making it an excellent investment for long-term productivity gains.


By implementing Innofreights Container Tipping Machine, you can expect immediate productivity gains and a competitive edge in the pulp and paper industry. To learn more about how the solution can benefit your operations, contact our experts today.

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