FMW Wood Chip Storage Solutions – Overview


Meeting the growing demands in the Pulp and Paper Industry with FMW Wood Chip Storage Solutions

The pulp and paper industry is experiencing significant change, driven by increasing demand for sustainable packaging and eco-friendly paper products. To keep up with this changing market, companies must optimize their processes, particularly in the wood yard where efficient wood chip storage and handling are crucial.

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On this page we introduce our range of different wood chip storage solutions that cater to diverse needs and provide optimal performance. Each of our solutions is uniquely designed to address specific requirements, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing storage capacities.
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Stacker/Reclaimer System

Our Stacker/Reclaimer System combines high-capacity stacking and reclaiming capabilities. It efficiently manages wood chip storage with a dual function, stacking chips during intake and reclaiming them for onward usage. This solution is ideal for large-scale operations that require a continuous flow of wood chips with minimal downtime.

Installed references globally: 70 +

Two stacker reclaimer systems in action, stacking and reclaiming bulk materials.
A stacker reclaimer system in action, stacking and reclaiming bulk materials

Round Silo Discharge System

The Round Silo Discharge System offers a cylindrical storage structure with a specialized discharge mechanism. This design ensures a consistent flow of wood chips, preventing blockages and ensuring uniform chip distribution. This solution is perfect for clients that demand a CLOSED/COVERED STORAGE, precise material handling and controlled chip discharge.

view of a round silo discharge screw
View on a wood chip silo

A-Frame Storage

Our A-Frame Storage system optimizes space utilization by allowing linear stacking especially for wooden material like bark, biomass and chips. This space-efficient design is particularly suitable for all materials with a limited pile storing height, e.g. bark. It provides a flexible storage solution that can be customized to fit various capacities while allowing easy retrieval through controlled bottom discharge.

vie into an a frame storage with a travelling screw
Side view of an A Frame Storage with a close-up on the mounted travelling discharge screw


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FMW Blended-Bed-Stacker/Reclaimer for automatically storing and reclaiming wood chips on a wood yard

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