FMW Wood Chip Storage Solution – Round Silo Discharge System


Maximize Efficiency and Reliability with FMW’s Round-Silo Discharge System

The pulp and paper industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and processes being developed to enhance efficiency and productivity. However, one aspect of the industry that often goes overlooked is the storage and handling of wood chips. Inefficient wood chip storage systems can lead to inconsistent chip flow, blockages, and ultimately, reduced production efficiency. This is where the Round-Silo Discharge System from FMW comes in – a reliable solution for precise material handling and controlled chip discharge.

Efficient and reliable wood chip handling is crucial for maintaining smooth operations. Inconsistent material flow and blockages in storage systems can lead to downtime, inefficiencies, and higher operating costs.

FMW’s Round-Silo Discharge System is a proven solution, designed to address these challenges. It ensures a consistent flow of wood chips, preventing blockages and ensuring uniform chip distribution. The system is perfect for clients that demand precise material handling and controlled chip discharge.

FMW Round-Silo Discharge System with several round silos for storing wood chips

Introducing FMWs Round-Silo Discharge System

The Round-Silo Discharge System is a cylindrical storage structure designed to ensure consistent flow of wood chips, preventing blockages and ensuring uniform chip distribution. This solution caters to everyone who is looking to optimize their material handling processes and improve overall efficiency.


In-House Screw Production guarantees FMWs quality, reliability and fast maintenance service.

view of a round silo discharge screw

Benefits of a Round-Silo Discharge System

  • 100% active storage volume with no dead areas
  • First-In / First-Out operation for optimal material management
  • Efficient and economical fully automated operation
  • Closed storage to maintain chip quality
  • Indicator of actual storage volume for improved monitoring
  • Adjustable discharge capacity
  • Design dependent on material (mild steel or stainless steel)

How it works:

The Round-Silo Discharge System ensures a consistent flow of material.

The discharge screw meters the material through the centre of the bottom silo via a discharge chute.

Close-up of a round silo discharge screw
Round silo discharge system with two silos

Why to choose a Round-Silo Discharge System?


The Round-Silo Discharge System is a proven solution for a diverse range of applications. If you are facing challenges with inconsistent material flow, blockages, or inefficiencies in your handling process, this system is designed to address and resolve those issues. It ultimately leads to improved efficiency compared to non-automated systems, reduced downtime, and increased productivity.


In conclusion the Round-Silo Discharge System is simplifying and improving your material handling processes. With FMW’s Round Silo Discharge System, you can rely on our decades of experience, commitment to quality, and professional approach to deliver the best possible storage solution for your needs. Discover how our Round-Silo Discharge System can be tailored to your facility’s needs by contacting our team of experts.

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The quality of the raw materials used directly impacts the final product quality. Wood chips, the primary raw material, need to be uniform in size and free from impurities to ensure a smooth and efficient production process. FMW Industries’ screening solutions provides a technology that effectively separates oversized chips and fines, leaving only high-quality material for further processing.

Side view on a chip screening system with focus on how oversized chips are sorted out
View on a chip screening system with frew wood chips
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