In today’s fast-paced world, the pulp and paper industry is experiencing substantial change. Woodyard managers are under pressure to improve efficiency, meet deadlines, and manage costs effectively. Operational inefficiencies can lead to reduced productivity, waste of resources, and potential loss of revenue. So, how can these challenges be addressed?

In this Blog-Article we want to share our experience from more than 100 wood chip handling references around the globe and talk about the two key factors to face those challenges straigh.

Two Main Factors for Maximizing Efficiency at the Woodyard

Efficiency Starts Here: Streamlining Paper Manufacturing from Material Handling

The best place to enhance process efficiency is at the start of the paper manufacturing process, specifically in the woodyard. There are numerous chances to improve efficiency and, more importantly, safety, from the receipt of materials to the digester. This article will concentrate on the two main factors that can enhance safety and efficiency.

Key Factor: Efficient and safe wood chip storage

The most effective factor for efficiency can be found in the wood chip storage. A reliable storage solution is the linchpin of the entire process. In over 70 projects worldwide, a Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer has had a significant impact.

The FMW Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer

The FMW Blended-Bed Stacker/Reclaimer (DAX/REX) system is a fully automated operational solution with very high reliability that effectively manages your wood chip storage. This system “stacks” woodchips into a large pile, while the reclaimer removes the woodchips from the pile. This enables:

  • A “first-in first-out” operation and
  • guarantees a 100% active storage and reclaim volume, while providing
  • gentle treatment and perfect homogenization of incoming different chips qualities.

This combination of benefits offers the highest internal rate of return possible in a chip handling system. For more technical details to the system, please click here.

FMW Bleded-Bed Stacker Reclaimer and it's main benefits

Listen to one of our partners from Mondi in Steti, CZ.

The first Blended-Bed Stacker Reclaimer got installed in 2001 at their woodyard and is still running reliably. To be able to keep up with the rest of the mill, they added two further Stacker/Reclaimer systems over the years. The last and biggest one in 2017. Click here to watch the video:

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Significant higher yields with the wood chip screening system

To enhance production efficiency, quality, and productivity, the wood chip screening system plays a vital role. This system removes oversized chips and fines, ensuring only acceptable material is retained. Our FMW Screening System consists of a primary and secondary screening. The primary screen separates oversized material and lumps from the chip flow, directing them to the Re-Chipper. The secondary screen separates overs and fines from the acceptable rate. Acceptable material is transferred directly to the downstream process, while fines are collected in a fines bunker.

Oversized chips pass through a metal detector and Stone Trap to remove impurities (s.a. stones, ferro and non-ferro particles) before being cut to the desired length by the Re-Chipper for re-screening. This efficient process boosts yield and minimizes losses in subsequent production stages.

Those are the two main factors that influences your efficiency and yield at the woodyard the most.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to help improve your safety, efficiency, and reliability. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to learn about the benefits of a Stacker/Reclaimer storage solution.